What do we offer?

.The perfect vertical & modular all-purpose garden, Is a different and unique product available in 3,4,5,6 planter tier structure. with different methods soil, hydroponic and aquaponics

New options to upgrade the system  – Coming soon

There are so many options available to upgrade your upgarden system that you will never use other planters.
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What is upgarden KIDS?

 The upgarden is not like anything else offered today on the market

made of engineering plastic

Made of durable engineering plastic that will last for a long time


More accessories can be add like side planter for bulbs or any other plants.

Suitable for growing most types of plants

Vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, succulents and basically just about anything!

Accessible to all – children, the elderly, the disabled and the physically challenged

Access to the plants is easy, convenient and stable to prevent falling

We thought of all the little details

Technical Specifications 4 Floors

3-tier technical specifications

Height: 74.5 cm
Depth: 44 cm
Width: 83.5 cm